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Here fiction and non-fiction authors can get a number of industry-standard services, including:

Partnership Publishing is an innovative independent publishing venture with BW Publishing as your partner. It is the best way to allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you. We help you publish your book professionally with nationwide bookstore distribution.  You keep all the rights to your book! You pay us for our publishing and printing expertise and you get paid for the sell of your book.

Among this huge amount of submitted works we always choose only the best ones, offering them our knowledgeable help in getting their piece of work successfully the published! Offering softcover, hardcover, and e-book publishing.

Designing a book cover, illustrations for the pages, or a responsive e-book cover to fit for all kinds of screens is not an easy task! Still, empowered by our incredible team of designers, we’re determined to make it outstanding! We will design your book layout exactly the way you want it and we communicate with you throughout the entire process. No matter what type of book you are publishing, the design and title can attract readers. Although we will give professional suggestions, you will ultimately decide how your book will look.

Finding mistakes on your manuscript’s pages, browsing the text for re-formatting or alterations and finding a constant balance between a storytelling and readability… This is the everyday routine that our editors are well used to and which they just love to do! With our help your text will become shiny and glossy in no time!


BW Publishing is one of the few publishers who can print your books and any promotional material in house! We print large and small posters, booksmarks, business cards, flyers, window signs, brochures, newsletters, magazines, photos, and of course we print books!

Successful authors are the ones who have the ability to connect with their reading audience. Book Marketing is just as important as publishing your book! The successful author is proactive and uses every medium available to him/her to connect with the readers. BW Publishing’s Marketing Plan Development, marketing tools, Workshops and promotion material can help propel your book above the millions of books that are released each year!

Each year our team of professional managers and publishing experts solicits through thousands of manuscripts. Among this huge amount of submitted works we always choose only the best ones, offering them our knowledgeable help in getting their piece of work recognized and acknowledged by the general public! And after your book has successfully passed through our solicitors, the next stage is, of course, the publishing! Offering both the e-book publishing

Happy author

Thanks God that exactly at the moment when I felt desperate enough about my book writing dreams as to call it quits, I’ve found an advert by BW Publishing! At the end of the day, I’ve had my book published with their help!

Arthur Arnolds