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  • 978-0-9909650-4-6


By Angela White


ISBN  978-0-9909650-4-6
156 pages
5.5 x 8.5 Paperback



Alegna is not a “Christian book,”  but a book based on carnal things as well as spiritual things. It is a book that will help people understand what is going on with them spiritually and in the natural world. Non-Christians experience spiritual things as well. Some people who may not be Christians will understand Alegna better than others because they have been experiencing spiritual things.

The author, Angela White shows how she experienced spiritual things long before she accepted Christ. Angela’s life was a life lived in reverse of the usual direction. Her life was a life lived in reverse of the normal order. Her life was in fact, backward! ALEGNA is Angela spelled backward. She desires to show the people who are spiritual how the things they are experiencing and don’t understand is from God and for His glory!