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  • 978-0-9909650-3-9

Coping and Social Skills with Cope and Steady

By Paulette R. Eason-Williams


ISBN: 978-0-9909650-3-9
78 pages
8.5x11 full color paperback



Adolescence, ages 11-20, is an incredibly stressful time. There is peer pressure, parent pressure, and school pressure; their peers expect them to keep up with styles, trends, and physical appearances, parents expect the adolescents to follow their rules and their teachers expect them to understand. With all that pressure, stress is exactly what the average teenager experiences. How to deal with that stress is the object of this book. This book tells kids to make good decisions, but we don’t tell them how. This book, Coping and Social Skills, is designed to give teenagers real examples of stress management and social skills.