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Crossing Over

By Gloria Chase


ISBN 978-0-9764945-4-6
124 pages
6 x 9 paperback



Crossing Over explains how and why the spiritual leadership of the world must be the first to crossover
from the world system to God's system of doing things in every aspect of life.
It will provide wisdom, give weapon, understanding, peace, joy, armor, obedience, love destiny and
God wants to address the spiritual leadership on their faithfulness to Him, the effectiveness and benefits of obedience to Him, and his work and word through the leadership for the benefit of soul winning. God wants to answer the prayers of the lost of the world. God says “I shall do just that and I will move some of you out of My way if you do not act in faith for your deliverance and begin to prosper in your call and
choosiness to receive and bring into the kingdom of God those who want and need Me to a greater level
and degree,” says the Lord.