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  • 978-0-9850233-1-7

Hello Darling

By Gloria Chase


ISBN 978-0-9850233-1-7
180 pages
6x9 softcover



There is life after you have been diagnosed with cancer. God has caused a wealth of information and knowledge to be given to man. Oh, but He uses doctors you know. I am a living witness. They are extensions of His love and in-depth wisdom. There is a way of healing the body to bring about restoration, even after you are confirmed to have breast cancer. Remember the scripture that says every knee shall bow to the name of Jesus? Cancer is a Knee. Fight to live. He makes ways out of no way. Even when the circumstance seems impossible, He makes a means. Well, the technique is known to God already, we have to find it. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened to you. No matter what the situation is, how long it has existed and by whoever put it together, God will always answer you. He is a great promise keeper. He is also the greatest of all warriors. Soon you shall see.

I, author Gloria Chase, met death.  However, I also met life through GOD and faith. Believe, even when you do not see your way. God works miracles so well.