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Reveal Restore Renew Reprove

By Gloria Chase


ISBN 978-0-9850233-2-4
60 pages
6x9 Paperback



This book is written to bring attention to Generational Curses, their causes and how to get rid of them forever.  These are instances where bad things happen to you that you did not provoke.  They are happenings that occur because of the acts of our forefathers.  They are passed down from one generation to the next.  Until salvation and an acknowledgement of them occur, they continue to happen.  We do not have to live defected when God has promised a way out for us.  Sometimes we even see events occur in cycles, and in seasons.  However, we do not know what to do about them.  We do not have to accept the consequences of sin and iniquity or the negative acts of your forefathers.  No, we do not!