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  • 978-0-9796180-5-5

Seized Beyond Addiction

By Gloria Chase


ISBN 978-0-9796180-5-5
132 pages
6x9 softcover



Have you ever wondered why crack cocaine is so addictive? What in the world is the purpose of the coca bean? What chemicals have been added to this dust from the earth to make it so toxic and addictive that a
person would prefer not to eat and nourish their own body rather than go on living without it? What would make a person neglect God, morals and family to acquire the feeling that crack cocaine gives?
Many families have been destroyed, relationships terminated, young and old killed and murdered. Soul
mates left behind to ask God, “Where is the wife you promised me?” The Lord is not the author of such confusion. The Lord loves you. He created a perfect comforter to guide, lead and comfort you through life. No matter what it has been and how it has tried to destroy you, it cannot, not with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. Is it a trust issue? God can. Give Him a chance to show you that all things are possible though him. God can heal your sick soul. Read this book for a practical and biblically based study and remedy for crack cocaine addiction!