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  • 978-0-9850233-8-6

The Fascination

By Kristie M. Alvarez


ISBN   978-0-9850233-8-6
138 pages
6x9 paperback



The Fascination is based on a true story of a woman’s journey from basically child to an accomplished writer. The Fascination chronicles Elizabeth’s journey as her family learned that she has a bad heart, she undergoes surgery that affects her life greatly. Her pen, which she uses to write herself to success and help her family members overcome their personal battles, develops to be the greatest birthday gift she had ever received, but along the way she develops an obsession that she must learn to let go so she can finally see the good plan God has in store for her and her family and the end.
A fabulous read for those who enjoy stories about individuals who strive to reach for the train despite the challenges they face.