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The One I Pray For

By Kristie Alvarez


ISBN 978-0-9796180--1-7
79 pages
5 x 8 paperback



The One I Pray For is a book of prose and poetry about a young woman who has hopes and dreams, who prays to God to heal her, and hopefully one day he will bring her the soul mate her heart desires.
It is also about a young woman who falls in love with someone but is afraid to let him know that she is in love with him because of her disability. She is afraid he will reject her and not accept her for who she is.
Her heart is revealed through some of the poetry. She reveals that the person she is in love with has left her feeling depressed and seems to have lost her faith in God, but then at the end, her soul mate arrives back into her life and helps her become a stronger person mentally and emotionally. It’s like when you wait patiently for that one true soul mate, and then he finally arrives.
A very inspirational book of poetry!