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  • 978-0-9764945.0.8


By Benny Williams


ISBN 978-0-9764945-0-8
112 pages
6x9 paperback



Many books have been written about the Nation of Islam but none in such a compassionate perspective as Torn. The author has beautifully adhered to the Bible’s instructions to “tell the truth with love.”
The author spent twenty years of his life as a Muslim of which nine of those years was spent as a registered believer in the Nation of Islam under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan and vehemently
fostered the religious ideas.
After his spiritual disillusionment with the Nation of Islam, he spent many years in disbelief in God and any religious or spiritual ideas. After years of not uttering a single prayer, God later redeemed him, he accepted Christ, and his true spirituality came alive!
As a result of his former years of intense study and teaching the Nation of Islam’s doctrine, he has now, in this book, analyzed each point of what the Muslims of the Nation of Islam believes and methodically
compares them to God’s Word, The Holy Bible.
The reader is constantly reminded of God’s love and how the author is writing out of love and obedience to God. It is a wonderful writing and mandatory reading for Muslims and Christians!