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Weekly Nuggets of Wisdom

By Wesley Hayden


ISBN 978-0-9764945-9-1
218 pages
8.5 x 11 paperback



This book is a compilation or seeds of wisdom accumulated over the course of the author’s life. A study workbook for the serious Bible student. This book gives weekly lessons and biblical encouragement to
mature bible students as well as the beginners.
It is the responsibility of every Christian, to pass on whatever knowledge that has been taught us, so that
future generations can progress further and faster in accomplishing the purpose and plan of God.
These nuggets of wisdom should be used as a workbook, in that as you read, study and meditate upon them, allow God to minister to you and take you further in him. As he does, write down the thoughts and nuggets he gives you. Begin to apply them to your life, share them with others. You will begin to experience a greater since of joy and fulfillment.